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October 1, 2013

Njuifile.net is a site operated by the New Jersey State Department of Labor and Workforce Development. It is, specifically, a site dedicated to issues pertaining to unemployment insurance benefits. It is, for instance, the site to go to if you are a resident of New Jersey, who is qualified for unemployment insurance benefits, and if you want to make a claim for such benefits. It is also the site to go for, if you have made an unemployment insurance claim, and you now want to know what the results of the claim’s processing were. It becomes necessary for you to login to the site, to be able to access some of these functions.

How to go about logging into njuifile.net

Njuifile.net is a unique site, in the sense that there is no login functionality on the homepage. That is to say, on the homepage, there are no spaces provided for you to enter a username and a password, in order to log in. What you need to do, in order to be able to log in, is to select a specific function, and then, before being able to perform that particular function, you will be offered the chance to log in. If, for instance, you want to lay a claim to your weekly benefits, you need to click on the appropriate link. Then, in order to actually lay that particular claim, you will be given the chance to log in. The whole thing may not be labeled as a ‘login’ function, but rather, as a requirement for you to provide certain details, to prove to the site that it is actually dealing with the right person.

Functions for which you need to log in

Some of the functions for which you may be required to provide identification information (thus essentially logging in) before you can proceed with them include:

A note about remote access of njuifile.net

You need to note that njuifile.net is one of those sites whose functions can only be used within the United States. If you are outside the United States, and you attempt to use one of the site’s functions, you won’t be taken to the login page. Instead, you will be taken to a page where you will be informed that the site has detected that you are trying to access its functions from outside the United States, and that you can’t do so. Then you will be offered a chance to quit that particular application.

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