www.Njuifile.net – File An Unemployment Benefits Claim Online

October 1, 2013

Njuifile.net is the site to go to, if you want to make an unemployment claim, and if you are a resident of New Jersey or otherwise eligible for the state’s unemployment insurance benefits.


Initiating the process of making an unemployment claim

Before the advent of sites like njuifile.net, making an unemployment claim would be a time-consuming, energy-sapping undertaking, which would involve visits to offices manned by lethargic bureaucrats. Njuifile.net was set up to make the process of making such an unemployment claim more convenient. In order to initiate the process of making an unemployment claim, you need to log on to njuifile.net, (which redirects to https://njsuccess.dol.state.nj.us/html/uimain.html).  Once there, look towards the middle section and you will see a link labeled ‘file or reopen your UI claim’ accompanied by a folder graphic. Click on it, and you will be on your way to accessing your benefits (if you are eligible for them). This is the process to follow, whether what you are making is a fresh claim, or if you are seeking to reopen an old claim.

What happens after making or reopening a claim?

What actually happens, after you make or reopen a claim at njuifile.net is that the claim is scrutinized. The idea is to figure out whether, in the first place, you are eligible for the unemployment insurance benefits administered by the New Jersey State Department of Labor and Workforce Development. If you are indeed qualified, there is also a process to figure out just how much, in terms of cash, you should receive. The results of this processing are accessible at njuifile.net. You can check them by going to njuifile.net, and clicking on the ‘claim status’ link.

What you can do once your claim goes through

Once your claim goes through, you can start enjoying the benefits that accrue to you by virtue of it. To put it more specifically, you can start claiming your weekly benefits. Again, this is something you do at njuifile.net. The process is intuitive, really: as it simply involves going to the homepage of njuifile.net, clicking on the ‘claim your weekly benefits’ link, and furnishing the site with the information it subsequently requests from you.

Accessing the actual cash

Long ago, the system used to work in such a manner that you’d have to wait for a check to be mailed for you, and then deposit the check with your bank, in order to ultimately get the cash. Not any more. Today, there is the option of getting a direct deposit, which means that the money is, say, loaded directly onto a Visa or MasterCard debit card, from where you can withdraw it through an ATM.

www.Njuifile.net – New Jersey Unemployment Benefits Online

Njuifile.net is the site where one can access information about, and perform functions related to, unemployment insurance benefits for the state of New Jersey.


Specific things you can do at njuifile.net

Some of the specific things you can do at njuifile.net include:

  1. Filing unemployment insurance benefits claims: if you are eligible for New Jersey State unemployment insurance benefits, and you have just fallen out of work, you can file the claim for unemployment benefits on this site. This is also the site where you can reopen a claim (if you had filed one before).
  2. Making weekly unemployment insurance claims: if you have filed for unemployment insurance benefit, you can visit the site to make the weekly claims.
  3. Checking unemployment insurance claim status: if you had filed an unemployment insurance benefits claim, you can visit the site, to check its status (for instance, whether or not it was successful).
  4. Adding unemployment insurance claim direct deposit details: if you’d want to be in a position to, say, withdraw your unemployment insurance benefits through a debit card, you can add the card details through this site.
  5. Changing unemployment insurance claim direct deposit details: if, say, you have been withdrawing the unemployment insurance benefits through a particular debit card, and you want to change to another card, www.njuifile.net would still be the site to effect that change.
  6. Changing contact details: the contact details in question here include things like your address or your phone number.
  7. Accessing tax documents: here, we are specifically looking at the 1099-G tax statement, which you can view or print any time from www.njuifile.net.

Information available at njuifile.net

At any given time, any recent changes pertaining to the disbursement/administration of New Jersey State unemployment insurance benefits are posted at njuifile.net. You can therefore visit this site at any time, to get a 411 on the same.

Ownership of njuifile.net

According to the info posted near the top left corner of the homepage, the site is actually owned by the New Jersey state’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development.


It is important to note that once you enter njuifile.net into your browser’s address bar, you will be redirected to https://njsuccess.dol.state.nj.us/html/uimain.html which is actually the page where the information and functions we have alluded to can be found.

Using the search function at njuifile.net

At the top right corner of the homepage (and other pages) at njuifile.net, you notice that there is a search box, which you can use to find information (or functions) that may not be directly accessible through the links on the page. You just enter keywords related to what you’d want to access (either in terms of information or functionality), and you are directed to where you can access it. This search function can actually work throughout all New Jersey state sites. You are therefore given the option of either selecting to search through this site (njuifile.net) alone or through the entire New Jersey state websites system.

www.Njuifile.net Login

Njuifile.net is a site operated by the New Jersey State Department of Labor and Workforce Development. It is, specifically, a site dedicated to issues pertaining to unemployment insurance benefits. It is, for instance, the site to go to if you are a resident of New Jersey, who is qualified for unemployment insurance benefits, and if you want to make a claim for such benefits. It is also the site to go for, if you have made an unemployment insurance claim, and you now want to know what the results of the claim’s processing were. It becomes necessary for you to login to the site, to be able to access some of these functions.

How to go about logging into njuifile.net

Njuifile.net is a unique site, in the sense that there is no login functionality on the homepage. That is to say, on the homepage, there are no spaces provided for you to enter a username and a password, in order to log in. What you need to do, in order to be able to log in, is to select a specific function, and then, before being able to perform that particular function, you will be offered the chance to log in. If, for instance, you want to lay a claim to your weekly benefits, you need to click on the appropriate link. Then, in order to actually lay that particular claim, you will be given the chance to log in. The whole thing may not be labeled as a ‘login’ function, but rather, as a requirement for you to provide certain details, to prove to the site that it is actually dealing with the right person.

Functions for which you need to log in

Some of the functions for which you may be required to provide identification information (thus essentially logging in) before you can proceed with them include:

A note about remote access of njuifile.net

You need to note that njuifile.net is one of those sites whose functions can only be used within the United States. If you are outside the United States, and you attempt to use one of the site’s functions, you won’t be taken to the login page. Instead, you will be taken to a page where you will be informed that the site has detected that you are trying to access its functions from outside the United States, and that you can’t do so. Then you will be offered a chance to quit that particular application.

Njuifile.net Direct Deposit

September 26, 2013

One of the key functions you can perform at njuifile.net is that of adding or changing your direct deposit. We are working with the assumption that you know that njuifile.net is the unemployment insurance benefits site, operated by the New Jersey State Department of Labor and Workforce Development. The said unemployment insurance is designed as some sort of a ‘social safety net’ to ensure that people don’t suffer extreme financial distress, when they lose their jobs for one or another reason.

Understanding the workings of direct deposit

In order to understand the workings of direct deposit in this context, you need to keep in mind the fact that the unemployment insurance benefits are usually in the form of cash. What happens is that the folks who are eligible for the unemployment insurance, and who make successful claims, are given certain amounts of money, on a weekly basis, as they try to get back into the labor market. Now in days gone by, such folks would be given checks, which they’d then need to deposit with their banks, with the ultimate result being the transfer of cash to their accounts once their checks ‘cleared.’ This system was often inconvenient and time consuming. That state of affairs is what created the need for direct deposit. Under direct deposit, the unemployment benefits cash is loaded onto a debit card, for the claimant to withdraw from an ATM. It can also be for the claimant to use in online shopping as well as brick and mortar store shopping, in outlets where the debit cards are accepted.

Before using direct deposit at njuifile.net

Before being in a position to use direct deposit at njuifile.net, you need to create the account or acquire the debit card to which the direct deposit is to be made. You can, for instance, apply for and eventually acquire a Visa-branded or a MasterCard-branded debit card which you can then be using to withdraw your unemployment insurance benefits cash. Note that there are certain reloadable varieties of debit card that are made specifically for this purpose (of facilitating the withdrawal of unemployment insurance benefits). You should ideally endeavor to use one such card – whose usage fees are likely to be low.

Initiating the direct deposit

To be in a position to be getting your unemployment insurance benefits cash through direct deposit, you just need to go to njuifile.net, click on the ‘add or change direct deposit’ link and you will be taken through the simple and intuitive process of initiating direct deposit. This is basically a question of informing the New Jersey State Department of Labor and Workforce Development where you want your unemployment benefits to be deposited. Then, in all probability, the department will oblige.